A City as Sculpture is a conceptual art initiative created and led by sculptor and artist Peter Walker in collaboration with sound artist David Harper

More information about the project, will be posted as the project develops.

In 20th century art the expanded field changed the way we look at art, focusing on non- traditional methods and materials in the production of art work. These are conceptual manifestation and means of expression. ‘A City as Sculpture’ is such a manifestation – a conceptual art work inviting people to look at the city in a different way, to see through and beyond daily life and see the place like a painting, produced through the application of thick layers of history built up to produce the world we see before our eyes.   “A City as Sculpture“ is an invitation to look through these layers and recognise that a city, a place where we all participate in the daily life, exist long before and beyond our lifetimes and the places that we walk through echo with the footsteps of generations before and those to come” PETER WALKER

This page will link to thought and design of the project

Notes and Notebooks : coming soon………….


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