About the artist

Peter Walker is an internationally renowned sculptor and artist. A selection of his work now returns to his place of birth here in Lichfield for this short period for viewers to see as a collection. Peter Walker produces sculptures, paintings, drawings, installation pieces, Son et Lumiere and his creative ability has led him to found Lichfield City’s very first Sculpture Trail as part of the ‘City of Sculpture project’ TM.   With now over fifteen public statues located around the country and works in private and public collections worldwide, Peter Walker now shares some of his most recent pieces here throughout the grounds of Lichfield Cathedral.

“Having grown up in the area, and working predominantly in the rest of the UK and in Europe, it is always enjoyable and satisfying to be able to create work in the community in which I grew up. Since 2005 I have been developing artwork in the area as part of wide reaching public art projects within the community. Therefore this exhibition, with the development of the St Chad statue and residency with Lichfield Cathedral, offers great opportunity to further develop this work.” PETER WALKER


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