Three Boxes

Here you may see the total removal of un-necessary forms and lines. The artwork, which is made up of three separate cube structures, is a contemporary display of abstract art. The three individual shapes here depict absence. There is no extraneous form, just texture, colour and shape. Each has its own presence and offers its own accumulation of thoughts and responses. The piece is viewed in conjunction to the context in which it stands. The space around the shapes is as important as the space the shape contains.

“Art does not always have to be a process of depicting a narrative; in certain circumstances an artwork relates an idea or concept, hence the term ‘conceptual art’. These sculptures are portrayals of concepts and even if sometimes an artwork looks simple the concept and reasoning behind that simplicity can be extremely complex. ‘The million pound box’ conceptually challenges the concept of value. ‘Panel 1’, looks at the value of the artistic material.   ‘La boîte pour un oiseau dans l’espace’, is a box designed to contain Brancussi’s bird in space sculpture and similarly questions absence and value.’’ Peter Walker, 2015

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