Burntwood Timecapsule

Lichfield Timecapsule

Do you have a fond memory or interesting story about your life in Burntwood?

Timecapsules are an age old means of preserving things for future generations – but this time capsule is different – these memories will become part of an artwork and preserved as films pictures.

The project is looking to collect individuals stories and anecdotes about growing up and living in the area and/or photographs relating to your story .   These will be combined with archive images of the town to create a present day digital record of Burntwood.

“Myself and my team were born and raised in Burntwood and believe it is significant that we make a record of what it was like to grow up in the area from the communities point of view. There are many shared memories alongside individual successes that deserve to be recorded for posterity. “ says Peter Walker.

Your story may be for example, the day you first went to school, winning a trophy for your local team, or simply memories of buildings and shops or people you knew. If you don’t wish to be recorded or bring a picture then you can still come along and write an anonymous postcard from Burntwood to give to the collection to tell your story.   The footage collected will be turned into a short digital film and all stories will be archived in a digital time capsule.

Peter explains “The project is linked to a much wider project about the Staffordshire Hoard, and our plans to create a sculpture to mark the areas significant Anglo-Saxon history, and when that is created we shall bury the archive collected in a time-capsule as a modern day hoard of local memories and images of present day life for future generations to discover. “



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